Does Body Butter Actually Hydrate Your Skin?

Does Body Butter Actually Hydrate Your Skin?

Does body butter actually hydrate your skin, or is it just smoothing things over? Let's slather on the truth and find out.

A Tale of Two Butters
When you scoop up a dollop of that creamy, dreamy body butter, it feels like you’re giving your skin a big drink of water, right? But hold onto your hydration hats, because not all body butters are created equal! You see, there are mainly two types of body butters: anhydrous and emulsified.

Anhydrous body butters are completely free of water. They are 100% made up of a blend of butters and oils, which sounds super rich and luxurious, but here’s the scoop: without water, they don’t actually hydrate. They lock in moisture like a charm, sure, but hydrate? Not so much.

Emulsified body butters, on the other hand, are the life of the skincare party as they mingle oils with water. These butters contain water-based humectants—ingredients that attract water like bees to honey, providing actual hydration to your thirsty skin cells.

Better Than Magic Body Butter: Your Hydration Hero
Now, let’s talk about a real game changer: Better Than Magic Body Butter. This isn’t your ordinary body butter. It’s emulsified!

That means it packs a punch of deep hydration, thanks to its clever blend of water-based humectants that pull water into your skin, and butters and oils that seal the deal by locking in that moisture. It’s like having the best of both worlds—hydration and moisture!

What’s in This Magic Potion?
With ingredients like shea butter and macadamia nut oil, Better Than Magic Body Butter soothes and smooths. But the real magic comes from those hydrating heroes—ingredients like vegetable glycerine that dive deep into the skin to deliver hydration right where you need it.

Why Choose Emulsified?
Choosing an emulsified body butter like Better Than Magic is like choosing a fully loaded pizza over plain bread. Sure, they both fill you up, but only one leaves you feeling truly satisfied.

Emulsified body butters hydrate and moisturize, so you’re not just feeling smooth on the surface—your skin is getting the good stuff deep down where it counts.

So if you’re looking for something that truly hydrates and moisturizes, make sure it’s emulsified and ready to bring some real magic to your skin care routine. Your skin will thank you—with every soft, supple, and spectacularly hydrated cell!

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