Find Your Signature Scent: Which Body Butter Matches Your Personality?

Find Your Signature Scent: Which Body Butter Matches Your Personality?

Curious about which scent matches your personality? Let’s plunge into the fragrant world of Better Than Magic Body Butters and find your perfect match!

Whether you're drawn to the comforting allure of Vanilla, the sophisticated appeal of Cashmere, or the playful charm of Bloom, we’ve got the perfect scent for you.

Take our fun quiz and uncover which Body Butter scent you should be slathering on to nourish your skin and express your inner self.

Meet the Scents

Vanille (Vanilla in French)—More than just a bakery delight, Vanille is a soothing, sweet embrace captured in a jar. Ideal for those who transform their living space into a cozy retreat, love binge-watching their favorite series, or are champions of chill. If you treasure the simple pleasures and make everyone feel at home, Vanille is calling your name.

Cashmere (Calm and Sophisticated)—If your style exudes quiet elegance, Cashmere is your match. Think of it as your personal zen master in a jar, ready to wrap you in luxury while you're mastering the workday or unwinding in the evening. Perfect for those who handle life with finesse and grace, Cashmere adds a hint of luxury to your everyday.

Bloom (Light and Fun)—As the undeniable life of the party, Bloom suits the social butterflies and eternal optimists who see every day as a celebration. If you're spirited and lively, Bloom will keep your days breezy and filled with fun

Take our Magic Scent Quiz here and then come back to see what your scent says about you!

What Your Scent Says About You

Vanilla: You're the core of warmth and joy of your social circle, effortlessly making any space inviting—a truly magical gift.

Cashmere: With a flair for elegance and a taste for the serene, you bring a sense of calm sophistication to the chaos of daily life.

Bloom: Your dynamic energy and infectious enthusiasm brighten any setting, spreading cheer wherever you go.

Now, let these scents enhance your natural allure and personality, and let the true you shine with every application of Better Than Magic Body Butter!

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