Our Guide to Applying Better Than Magic Body Butter

Our Guide to Applying Better Than Magic Body Butter

Indulging in body butter is like treating yourself to a spa day without leaving your home. Here's how to enhance your skincare ritual with Better Than Magic Body Butter. 

Prime Time for Pampering

The ideal moment to apply body butter is just after your bath or shower. Your skin will be clean and slightly damp—a perfect state for absorbing all that moisturizing goodness and locking in hydration.

Target Dry Spots First

Give some extra love to the driest parts of your body—think elbows, knees, heels, and hands. Apply the body butter to these areas first to ensure they receive the thorough nourishment they need.

Heat Things Up

Take a small scoop of body butter and warm it between your hands. This little bit of heat helps the butter melt, allowing for smoother application and more even coverage.

Soft Circles for Soft Skin

Massage the body butter into your skin using soft, circular motions. This method helps the skin absorb the product and stimulates circulation, benefiting skin health.

Overnight Hydration Haven

For an intense hydration experience, use body butter before going to bed. It'll work in tandem with your body's natural healing cycle, letting you wake up to soft, elastic skin.

Adapt with the Seasons

Listen to your skin's seasonal needs. Increase application in dry winter months to protect against harsh conditions and lighten up during humid summers.

Be Kind to Sensitive Skin

If your skin is on the sensitive side, do a patch test before going all in.

Even though Better Than Magic is designed to be gentle, it’s still a good idea to make sure it agrees with your skin.

By following these tips, you'll ensure that every application of body butter enriches your skin with deep, lasting moisture.

Embrace Better Than Magic Body Butter as a luxurious, nurturing step in your skincare routine and revel in your skin’s smooth, pampered glow!

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