Your Enchanted 4-Step Spring Skincare Routine

Your Enchanted 4-Step Spring Skincare Routine

Want to capture that springtime glow? Jazz up your skincare game and let your skin sip on some serious rejuvenation.

Rise and Refresh

Kick off your mornings by washing away the sleep with a hydrating cleanser. Keep the good vibes going with a hit of Vitamin C serum to brighten up, fade those pesky dark spots, and arm your skin against the invisible enemies like free radicals.

Shield and Protect

The sun’s not messing around, and neither should you. Slather on some broad-spectrum SPF to keep those harmful rays at bay. It’s your skin’s knight in shining armor.

Blossom & Hydrate

Craving moisture? Quench your skin’s thirst with a hyaluronic acid moisturizer. It’ll keep your face looking fresh and dewy from your morning coffee to your evening unwind.

Twilight Rejuvenation

Evenings are for unwinding and prepping your skin for its nightly magic show. Wash off the day, then bring in the big guns: a retinol cream to smooth out lines and get that cell turnover cranking.

Nightcap for Your Skin

Seal the deal with a slather of Better Than Magic Body Butter. It’s like a midnight snack for your skin, feeding it all the nutrients it needs to wake up feeling refreshed and radiant.

Sweet dreams to your skin!

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